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I'm a "people person" and enjoy meeting new folks on the Net, exploring personal home pages and sharing links.
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Expand your cultural awareness by cruising to these African American Links. These links include online services, organizations, education, information, countries and art. 

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Visit Jamaica and find out why I keep going back to Jamaica. Beautiful people, beautiful beaches and Blue Mountains beckon me back again and again. 

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I'm an attorney in Detroit,  MI and when I first started cruising the Net, I looked for law related materials. I found items related to my area of law, but I also found some far out stuff. For instance, did you know that the U.S. Government could arrest and quarantine you without immediate due process for having contact with aliens from outer space? I decided that NASA wanted this law on the books because of its astronauts' space travels and I found information alleging that astronauts have seen UFO's!! Check out UFO Sightings by Astronauts (with photos) for the latest compilations of the astronauts' experiences. So, are there aliens out there or what? Read "UFO REALITY SHIFT".

Support CAUS - Citizens Against UFO                            Secrecy
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So, you want to learn or enhance your web authoring skills? Follow these links to get information and help whether you're a beginner or experienced webmaster. 
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