Leon's Legal Links

The Law Itself:

Federal Rules of Evidence (L.I.I.)
U.S. Bankruptcy Code
The Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1994
THOMAS: Legislative Information from U.S. Congress
Code of Federal Regulations

Legal Resources:

Lawyers Weekly
 Wayne County Neighborhood Legal Services, Inc.
Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation
Atlanta Legal Aid Society  
Seamless WEBsite
West Publishing
Law Mall For Lawyers,Clients and Legal Service Industry
ABI World (American Bankruptcy Institute)
American Bar Association
Institue For Continuing Legal Education
The Death Penalty Page
Legal Dot Net
The Rodent - Underground Publication for Law Firm Associates

Law Schools:

The Legal Information Institute/Cornell Law School
Belfast Law School (UK)
Centre de recherche en droit public (Université de Montréal - Canada)
Universität Mainz (Germany)
Case Western Reserve Law School
Chicago-Kent College of Law
Emory University School of Law
Florida State University College of Law

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